Thursday, August 21, 2008

Men's Tag

Alright. I have seen a bunch of "Tags" and have even been tagged before. I want to start a men's only tag. This may be short lived (I only know 3 other male bloggers) but what the hell.

Here are the rules:
Answer all the questions (honestly but preferable humorously).
Then tag any other males that blog.
  1. How many guns do you own? Not enough, I think 14
  2. Ginger or Maryann? Maryann
  3. Do you change your the oil in car or does Jiffy Lube (or other oil changing place)? JiffyLube
  4. Riding mower or push behind? Riding, but I have someone else doing my lawn this year
  5. Favorite drink? Vanilla Coke
  6. What is the size of your TV screen? 51"
  7. Favorite Professional sports team? Utah Jazz
  8. Would you jump from an airplane? Yes, especially if it was crashing
  9. Yard work or working on a car? Neither
  10. Best Pizza? Dominos
  11. What was the last animal you killed (on purpose)? Duck
  12. If you could play one professional sport, what would it be? Golfer
  13. Last CD you bought? Disturbed
  14. 3 favorite TV stations? Discovery, Travel Chanel, ESPN
  15. Lazy boy or couch? Lazy boy
  16. How many pillows do you sleep with? 2
  17. When was the last time you were at Cabela's? about 3 months ago but I will be there within the next month
  18. Favorite car you have owned? Jeep
  19. Do you have a DVR? What size? Yes, 80 Hour HD
  20. Boxers or briefs? Briefs
  21. Work out or watch sports? Watching sports is a workout
  22. Do you have any dead animals hanging on your walls? Yes
  23. Do you have to trim your ear hair? On occasion
  24. Tattoos? (Optional) None
  25. Ever been arrested? (Optional) No, not yet.

Brit, Nate and Scott have now been tagged.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic Observations

Here are a few of my observations from watching the Olympics over that last few days:

When did swimming become exciting?
Russian Synchronized diving - hard on the eyes
Norwegian Beach volleyball - easy on the eyes
Can we all stop with all the hugging
The Chinese really like American music
Chinese temples are cool looking
Chinese air quality sucks
Don't high five or slap 5 when you miss or loose a point
There is no way the Chinese gymnast are 16

Here are a few of the sponsors I have seen:
Do they want us to believe that the greatest athletes participating in these games consume any of their products? We are not that gullible. Are we? Boy, I sure could use a Big Mac and a Coke right now.

I have to go now, the swimming metal match is about to begin.


Monday, August 11, 2008

New level

I have moved to a new level of Nerdom. I am updating my Blog with my new Ipod Touch.

So Cool

Friday, August 1, 2008

East Canyon

Last weekend we had a great time boating and camping up at East Canyon State park.

Brit did a great post on the happenings. You can read them here. I just wanted to hit a couple of the highlights and post some pictures.

On Friday we went boating with Kim's Mom, Tim, Brett and Kim' Grandmother. Later that night Bryon went out on the tube and ended up loosing his shorts. It was very funny at the time until we realized all his keys were in his pocket, then it was even funnier.

After boating we had a great dinner of steak, crab, corn on the cob, watermelon and rice crispy treats. Thanks to everyone for helping and bringing stuff. Why does steak taste so much better in the mountains. Here is the view from the yurt at dinner time.

Saturday was spent on the boat and at the beach. Everyone had a few turns on the tube and by the end of the day only 3 people had not fallen off. Taylor(Brit's Friend), Shanae and Bekka.
On Sunday we decided we needed to have a "Tube Off" for the 2 older kids that hadn't fallen off yet. Here is a photo of Shanae holding on for her life

She fell off first and came up screaming for a rematch. Here are photos of the rematch:

This is on the way up

Airborne while we get past Tawni's head. Down in back!

Impact and Taylor coming off the tube

We had to call it a draw

Becka rode after them and she ended up skidding across the water like a skipping stone. Sorry no video of that.

Kim even wakeboard for the first time this year!

We had a great time and no one got hurt too bad. A lot of sore muscles but every one's chiropractor will thank me.

I am still working on how to convert video from the new camcorder so I can post videos on Youtube. Once I figure that out I will let you know.