Monday, June 30, 2008

Secret Post

Can you read this? Post a comment if you can.

Laying some cable

I landed another cabling job up at the Gateway. On Saturday, all 4 of us went up there and pull the cables. We had a hard time getting started but after lunch we really hit a groove and finished up in a couple of hours. We still need to put all the ends on but all the cable is in place. We will put the ends on after all the painting, and cabinets are installed.
We have a pretty good system for network cabling.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I am a degenerate

I am a degenerate for gadgets. I love electronics and gizmo's. This last week I bought a Hi-Def camcorder. Did I need it? No. But it is cool. We took it out on the boat today and got some really good video.
Once I figure out how to convert the video I will post some.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Car Game

We have a game we like to play as a family called "The Car Game". Here is how you play, as you are driving around, if you see a particular type of car, call it out and you are give the appropriate number of points. Points are as follows:

PT Cruiser - 1 Point
VW Bug (old or new) - 1 Point
Mini Cooper - 5 Points
Smart Car - 5 Points (recently added)
Delorean - 50 Points

If you see more then one of the same car, you can call a double or even a triple and the points are increased exponentially. Car lots do not count.

The trifecta is accomplished by calling and being able to sell all 3 cars (PT, VW, Mini) all at the same time. This is a bonus 25 points.

So if you ever have one of our family members in your car and hear someone call out "PT Cruiser", then you know what is going on.

Brit seems to be the winner most of the time. He is always scanning for cars when we are driving around. Btw the winner for the days gets nothing but a cup of satisfaction.

Why am I mentioning this now? Well yesterday, I called a Delorean.

My Guys

I pride myself on being able to figure a lot of things out. I like working on project around the house. This year, I must be getting old or too busy. I have finally put together my "Team" of skilled guys. Here is the list.

Erick - Auto Repair will come to you
Oscar - Lawn and Yard care
Jeremy - Sprinkler repair and maintenance
Trevor - Electrician

I am still looking for a plumber, tile installation and some general (cheap) labor. I will be glad to get away from a house and yard that needs such a large team.

I am sure this list will continue to grow.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gargage Sale Time

Have you ever looked around and seen how much crap you have? Well since we are going to be moving soon, we realized that we need to get rid of some of our extraneous crap. This all started last week when we decided that this weekend would be the chosen weekend. On Thursday, I decided to start advertising on An hour later we stated getting phone calls about things mentioned in the listing. By that night, Kim had already sold one of the large items.

Last night we stated hauling crap out of the house and into the garage in preparation for the next morning. By the time we were done, the garage was completely full. Next comes the wonderfully chore of pricing everything. Fortunately, we found "Garage Sale" stickers at All a Dollar. If you are having a garage sale, these are well worth every penny. We finished in the garage about 10:30PM.

Saturday morning, Kim and I were up at 6:00 to get everything out of the garage, setup tables and answer any questions. Our first people started showing up at 6:30. About 7, Kara and my Dad came over with a few things to sell. It was a long hot day and we got rid of a bunch of stuff. When we finished at 1:30, we still had 2 truck loads to take to the DI.

  • Kaylee want to do a Lemonade stand, so we bought her some supplies to make a little money. We spent about $50.00 so she could make $12.00 and some change.
  • Kaylee was mixing up the Lemonade in the kitchen when I walked in she was taking a taste off the mixing spoon. I asked if she was going to put that back in the Lemonade? She said "ah nooo...". I then asked if she had already tasted it off the spoon and put it back? She said "ah yesss..". She said, should I dump it out and start over? No it will be Ok.
  • Kara almost selling enough items to pay for what she was buying. She was still $5.00 short by the end of the day.
  • People (more then one) trying to bargain for something that has a .25 cent sticker on it.
  • Old Man River warning me to "Watch out for the Mexicans and Tongans" They will steal from you.
  • Listening to an old guy telling me his computer experiences. Then asking for a business card from me (why didn't I say I was out?).
  • After stating that I can not go any lower, asking me 3 or 4 more times for a lower price.
  • Selling old laptops for a dollar

I am glad it is over and we made a little cash and got rid of a bunch of crap. My dad made a little bit of money as well.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Wedding day circa 1990

Kim found her wedding dress the other day and Kaylee had to try it on.

That started me thinking of our wedding video.

Here are some highlights:

  • I weighed about 40lbs lighter
  • 9 of the people in the video have died
  • We were the first in both families to be married
  • Only one sibling on both sides had not been married since
  • Mullets were in style
  • so were suspenders (right Scott?)
  • Shoulder pads were a requirement for the women
  • Triangle perms were hot
  • Puffy sleeves abounded in 1990
  • Jeni's posture has gotten a lot better
  • for all the time spent taking photos, we don't have a single one today
  • My kids have never seen me in a tuxedo
  • It snowed on June 1st
  • We had to wake up at 4:30 that morning
  • I did not have a job on our wedding day or for 2 weeks after that
  • We had planned on a garden reception but Mother Nature had other thoughts
  • Kim's brother did not attend, but there was a 3 foot tall head of his in the reception line (Why did we do this?)
  • Kim's Grandmother decorated the cake with fresh roses that afternoon
  • Our wedding Luncheon was at "The Paddlewheel"
  • We sang "Happy Birthday" at the wedding luncheon
  • The video cameras were the size of the ones used for TV now days
  • Kim did not want to have a reception line but was talked into it
  • Mindi caught the bouquet
  • Early the next morning my parents called us at the hotel we were staying at
  • The Brides maids dresses were the colors of Jordan Almonds
  • We sent out over 800 invitations to the reception
  • Kim's dress was custom made and designed by her

My favorite part of our wedding video is when my mom asks Jenifer to stand up straight. You can see this clip here.

Wow we sure look a lot different now.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Just want to wish all the Father's a Happy Father's Day

Me and the kids in San Juan

This is me and my Dad out duck hunting last year.

Thanks to all the Dad's out there everywhere.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Boating Pictures and Video

Here are some pictures from Friday on Utah Lake. The water was murky, about normal for Utah Lake.

Notice the new speakers on the boat? Last year heading up to Jordanelle, one of the speakers fell off on the freeway and bounced over to the side of the road. Luckily it did not hit anyone.

This is a video of Brit wake boarding in the 63 degree water.


We went boating yesterday for the first time this year. We ran down to Utah Lake for a couple of hours is all. The water is still only 63 degrees (Brrrrrrr). Brit was the only one brave enough to get in. Good thing he has a wetsuit. None of the picture I took worked out, so I will have to wait for Kim to post some pictures.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Free Wiener

Everybody loves a good wiener don't they?
Well, this Friday from 5-8 you can get a Hot Dog on a Stick for free. Mark your calendars.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rock Band

We have RockBand on the Xbox 360. Our family band is called Black Sunshine. On Friday we realized that we can download new songs for this game. We purchased the Metallica pack. This is one of the songs. This is not us playing but someone else.

Place that anyone could work


*** If you work at one of these locations and are offended, then I am sorry ***

There are a few places in this world that I have said anyone could work there without any skills what so ever. In fact, I believe that if you were in an accident or had to have part of your brain removed, you would fit in nicely at these places.

Yesterday for breakfast I wanted to run over to McDonalds and get a hot cakes and sausage. Kim and Kaylee went with and Kim ordered an Egg and Cheese McGriddle. What we received was a Sausage McGriddle, nothing else on it. I then went in and let them know of their mistake. They then gave me a Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddle. Close but my wife does not eat meat very often. Good thing I checked as I was walking out the door. 3rd time is the charm. The 17 year old manager finally gave me what we had wanted all along.

Later that afternoon, we were driving over to Devin and Addy's to see their new baby. Kim states that we need to stop and pick up a gift for them. As we are drive we see a Walmart. As soon as I pull in to the parking lot, I can feel my chest tighten up. We are in the truck and parking is not an easy thing especially at Walmart. Once inside, and after hearing the greeter telling a guy waiting outside with his dog that he should move so he does scare any little kids, it is just chaos. We thought the self check out would help speed things along but their scales are so sensitive that it took forever. I can not think of anything worse in this world then Walmart on a Saturday.

Congratulations Devin and Addy on a healthy new boy!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Farts is Funny

I am not a huge fan of the Family Guy TV show but we saw this the other night and can get it out of my head:

Sound is required.


18 Years

On June 1st, 1990, Kim and I were married. Just want to say Happy Anniversary to Kim. I love you.