Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday

Just a quick Happy Birthday to my lovely wife. I hope you have a great day!

Love you.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lookin Back

My mother put together a scrap book for each of us kids of different events through our lives. When we go married, we were given the book. They are fun to look through at the things you have done through the years. The rest of my family is upstairs right now laughing at the outfits, short shorts and big hair dos in the photos. I am sure one of the 3 will make a comment on their blog about something hilarious they saw.

For the record:
  • White Bell bottoms with big belts were stylin' back then
  • In the picture of me jumping tires on my bike, I think I could have cleared 3 tires not just the 2 in the picture
  • Everyone in the 80s and before wore short shorts
  • My spelling skills haven't improved that much
  • I used to draw quite a bit (even won a couple of awards)
  • I don't remember too many peoples names from the first grade school picture
  • Disneyland hasn't changed that much in 35 or so years
  • Yes I had big hair (hair helmet)

It was fun to look at the old photos. Thanks Mom for putting that together through the years.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Work and Fun

Yesterday morning, I went to a software and hardware seminar. Brit decided to come with me. I think some of the topics were over his head but it was nice to spend some work time with him. For attending the seminar, we were give ticket to go see Dark Knight. So after finishing up my workday, we headed over to The District to catch a 5:45 showing of Dark Knight. The show was really good and the Joker is one of the creepiest characters I have ever seen in a movie.

This weekend we are going to work on getting the house back together now that the new carpet is installed. We may go out on the boat for a little while as well, we will see.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Movie Quote Answers

  1. Dumb and Dumber

  2. Spaceballs

  3. Ace Ventura Pet Detective

  4. Airplane

  5. School of Rock

  6. Trading Places

  7. Stand by Me

  8. Vacation

  9. Wayne's World

  10. Christmas Vacation

  11. Pulp Fiction

  12. Porky's

  13. Jurasic Park

  14. Ghostbusters

  15. Die Hard

  16. A Christmas Story

  17. Citizen Kane

  18. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

  19. Aliens

  20. Tommy Boy

Movie Quotes

Here are some of my favorite movie quotes. What is the movie:
  1. Yeah I called her up, she gave me a bunch of crap about me not listening to her, or something, I don't know, I wasn't really paying attention.
  2. I'm a mawg: half man, half dog. I'm my own best friend!
  3. If I'm not back in five minutes... wait longer!
  4. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.
  5. Okay, who's got food in here? You're not gonna get in trouble, I'm hungry.
  6. Think big, think positive. Never show any sign of weakness. Always go for the throat. Buy low, sell high. Fear . . . that's the other guy's problem.
  7. Chopper, sic 'em! Sic 'em, boy!
  8. This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy!
  9. Turn it off, man! Turn it off! It's sucking my will to live!
  10. I don't know if I oughta go sailin' down no hill with nothin' between the ground and my brains but a piece of government plastic.
  11. Hate to shatter your ego, but this ain't the first time I've had a gun pointed at me.
  12. Is Mike Hunt here? Has anyone seen Mike Hunt?
  13. Yeah, but John, if the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don't eat the tourists
  14. Alright, this chick is toast!
  15. You asked for miracles, Theo. I give you the F.B.I.
  16. Some men are Baptists, others Catholics. My father was an Oldsmobile man.
  17. Rosebud
  18. One thing I know is that Joan of Arc is not Noah's wife.
  19. Hey, maybe you haven't been keeping up on current events, but we just got our asses kicked pal!
  20. I can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking my head up a bull's ass, but I'd rather take a butcher's word for it.

I gotta go poop

This post is graphic in nature. Parental guidance is suggested.

I hate the public poo!

OK, here we go. This post may mean more to the men then to the women. Women sit down on a toilet every time they use the restroom. Not so with men. When the urinals are all being used the next option is the toilet. This may be hard to believe but not all men lift the seat in public restrooms (I choose to use my foot to lift the seat). Also some men find it funny to take a big huge dump and not flush but leave it as a surprise for the next guy that walks in. Whoa dude what did you eat?

I hate the public poo!

I know we have all had those days where we are on our way to an appointment or somewhere and realize that I should not have just had the burrito with extra peppers or the Thai dish with a large Coke. Then you start to get "the gurgle". Oh yea you know what I am talking about. The one that make you say, which is closer, Home of the Office? You are on the way to the office and once the first wave passes you know you that you can make it to the office. Never think that. As soon as wave number 2 hits you are looking around at what is close by. You think, I know where the bathroom is at McDonald's but there may be something cleaner. What about an office complex. Before you leave your car, wave 2 passes. Now you know you had better hurry somewhere. At this point everyone around you starts driving extra slow. All the lights are red and then you start the get "dump sweat". Things are now critical. Now you are looking for and left over napkins in the car because you just might not make it. You pick the closest location around and don't care what it is or what they are selling. Truck Stop right off the freeway, Subway, Furniture Warehouse, Coffee shop , hiking trail head, it doesn't at this point. You walk as dignified as you can into the establishment and calmly ask where the bathroom is and praying you wont be answer with one of the horrific possibilities like, "Our restroom is for employees only", "Our restroom is out of service", "We don't have one", "Our restroom is for customers only". This last one can be dealt with. Even if it is a car dealership. You will buy what every they have at this point. You are desperate. You run into the stall just hoping that the last person to use the toilet before you was somewhat clean and courteous. I also end up hoping none of the other stalls are occupied because this may be loud and possibly messy. Once your first flush goes down you can wipe your brow and make sure you have left nothing behind (in your bowels)since you don't what to be 10 minutes down the road in the same situation.

I hate the public poo!

The worse place to have to go is when you are camping in the summer. The pit toilets are the absolute worse place to have to take a dump. You have flies, the smell, the heat, other bugs and they are so dirty. Scout camp has to the worse place. If you go to scout camp make sure you go early in the year when the toilets are not full. In August, you will need to make sure you aren't sitting on a swirl of feces that reaches the top of the seat. I am not talking about a totem pole here, but an ice cream Sunday of smelly hell. Remember you are going to be adding to the pile and want to make sure you don't have any splash back at all.

I hate the public poo!

OK so we have all had accident in our life. Let's hear some stories. My kids love the story of me running in the house past them watching TV and yelling "Food's in the car, trying to not poop my pants!" And haven't we all left an undergarment or 2 somewhere when you know it is not worth putting back on.

I hate the public poo!

Congratulation is you have made it to the end my post. You were warned. I am now done.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

We had a really nice day yesterday. We are all a bit tired so I guess that is a good thing.
We woke up and had to run down to Home Depot to get some more deck stain so Devin could finish up the deck. BTW, Home Depot needs some serious help with their customer service.
Once we got home, we prepared the boat to meet Spence down at Utah Lake and spend part of the day down there. We had just launched the boat and the lake was a bit choppy from all the other boat and our wake board holder snapped off. Luckily wake boards float even with about 2lbs of wakeboard rack still attached. We headed over to the other side of the lake where there is a lot less traffic. The temperature was about 100 and the water was a nice 76 degrees. Here are some photos of Spence and Brit on the tube. Stop action is great.

We came home cleaned up and headed over to Mom and Dads for dinner and fireworks. We bought a bunch of snakes and made an Anaconda.
We had a nice time and the Grand kids lit most if not all the fireworks this year (finally).

We got home around 10:30 showered and got ready to settle in for the night. About 11:15 we started to hear the blair of sirens, a lot of them. I got out of bed to see if I could see any smoke. out the window. Right then Kim came in a said the Fire Department was in our circle. Turns out our next door neighbors back deck and garage had caught on fire. I think every fire truck from Sandy and Draper were there. Luckily everyone was OK and the fire was mostly outside and in the garage.
What a day.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Father Daughter time

On Wednesday, Kaylee went to work with me. That is kind of a strange thing since I work from home most of the time and go and visit clients. We woke up got ready and headed out to CCS for the morning. There were several issues that I had to take care of and she followed me around and visited with people there while I worked. For lunch we went to Rodizio Grill. Yummy. For a couple of carnivores like us, it was a bit of heaven. I know Kaylees goes vegetarian most of the time but I believe she is a meat lover at heart. After lunch we went up to the Pastoral Center for a few hours. We helped more people, worked on printers and took a visit over to the Cathedral of the Madeline. On the way home we stopped at Mrs. Brakers Bakery to get a treat. Kaylee about feel asleep on the home until I spooked her and scared the poop out of her. We had a great day.