Monday, April 28, 2008

Hunting in Utah

I have hunted in Utah pretty much every years since I was 12 years old. The application process now cost $10.00 for each Application that you want to submit. So far this year I have applied for 6 different hunting opportunities. I just received my results for the general season for this fall and I did not draw anything. Not even a general season tag. For the first time in my life, I will not have a chance to go deer hunting in Utah. I am getting tired of the system in Utah. I am tired of giving hundreds of dollars for a chance to do a hobby that I truly enjoy. Perhaps this is a sign. . . . .

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Diarrhea and Birthdays

I recieved a phone call from the president of my fan club saying that I haven't updated my blog in a while and I need to get busy and update it right away. Sorry it has been so long.

Today is Brit's Birthday. He is 15 now. Wow where have the years gone?! A couple of weeks ago, he had some friends over for his birthday party. He has a friend who live in Las Vegas and he was in town so he had his friend party then. We went shopping for his gift about 3 weeks ago and found a wake board that he really wanted so we got it for him. He commented a few time that it does really feel like his birthday. I guess when you spread it over 3 weeks it should be ok.

This morning we woke up and Brit opened his remaining gifts. He received, a wake boarding helmet, a wake boarding shirt, a video game and a hammock. After that we all went to brunch together at Johanna's Kitchen. Next we had to stop at Costco to get his cake for the family party in the evening. When we got home, Brit played his video game while the rest of us clean the house. Family started arriving at 6:00. We played Rockband on the Xbox and had a good time.

Happy Birthday Brit, I hope you had a nice day.

The last 3 days Kim and Kaylee have been sick. Kaylee has been puking and pooping on everything. She has not eaten anything until today. I guess that is a good thing when you can keep anything down or up.

Kim has had the same thing. Hers came on a day later then Kaylee. She hasn't been puking but well you know the other symptoms.

Brit and I have been Ok so far. Hopefully it will continue for us.

The Utah Jazz are up 3-1 against Houston. Their next game is on Tuesday. Hopefully they can finish things out and then get ready for the Lakers. Go Jazz!!

On another note, we found a really good frozen yogurt place. if you haven't been to Red Mango yet, you should check it out.
I received an email from Quinn Frazier this last week. He said that after 9 years of living in Asia, they are moving back to the states (Georgia). He is still with UPS. Somewhere there is a picture of Quinn and I dressed up like the Blue Brothers.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Things that make me laugh

What makes you laugh? Here is a list of things that crack me up:
  • Comb overs
  • Butt cracks hanging out
  • Mullets
  • Men driving mini vans
  • Old ladies trying to get as much soft serve yogurt on a cone because it is only .99
  • Old photos (I prefer the 80's)
  • Quarter in the butt
  • Rumors taken as truth
  • Women who can't backup a boat trailer
  • Husbands who yell at their wife's for not knowing how to backup a trailer while he is on the boat
  • Custom T-shirts
  • Swearing Nuns
  • Dog's walking people
  • Crop Dusting
  • Saturday Night Live
  • Loud noises when no one expects it


What a wild weekend this has been. I had an appointment on Friday morning that lasted a couple of hours, then off to do some running(post office, hair cut, bank). When I arrived home, I was told that one of the mother goats had died sometime last night. We took the Daisy down to the pet Mortuary to have her cremated. We are having our neighborhood clean up on April 30 so I have a bunch of stuff that needs to be taken out the curb. Scott came over and helped me with some projects. We cut down one of the pine trees that had died and took off my swamp cooler and installed a new one. Thanks for all your help Scott! After all that, the family sat down and watched Juno on DVD.

Saturday we drove down to Payson to have lunch with Kim's Grandma. She made us chicken with rice and brocolli. It was very good. We then played Apples to Apples with her. Kim won. In the evening, I watched the Utah Jazz take out the Houston Rockets in game one. A very good start for them.

Sunday and Kaylee and I are going to head out to bruch and then just take it easy today.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

NBA Playoffs

I am Jazzed for the NBA Playoffs. Here are my first round predictions:

Eastern Conference
  • Boston in 4
  • Detroit in 5
  • Orlando in 6
  • Clevland in 7
Western Conference
  • Lakers in 5 (as much as it pains me)
  • Dallas in 7
  • Phoenix in 7
  • Utah in 6

Go Jazz!! I am hoping for a Utah vs Phoenix Western Conferences Finals.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!

If you havn't seen this, check it out.


The Reaper

Today we were driving around and Don't fear the reaper by Blue Oyster Cult came on the radio and I hear Kaylee in the back seat say "Yessss". I was just looking at Brit's blog and the same song started playing. I have always enjoyed BOC and I guess I was a little surprised that my kids liked it as well. I think it is a song on Guitar hero or Rock band or something like that. I guess that is why they know it.

Last fall I took Brit to his first concert. It was Ozzy Osborne and Rob Zombie. He was able to experience all the things that you might expect when going to a rock concert:
  • Drunk guys wanting to be your buddy
  • Guys picking up on the drunk girls
  • More F Bombs then one could ever expect (thanks Ozzy)
  • Spilled beer on us
  • Second hand pot smoke
  • Standing in vomit (and wearing it on my coat)
  • Girls taking off their tops (she left her bra on dont worry)
  • Fights in the parking lot after the show

All and all it was a good show and I am glad to be able to take Brit to his first Rock concert.

I know my kids really want to see Metallica if they ever come back for a concert. I guess that will be Kaylee's first concert. We will see.

Rock On!

Jeepin' Time

We are taking a trip down to Moab in a little over a month. This will be the first trip there since we sold our jeep. I have made reservations for 2 jeeps on Saturday. We will be taking a 4 door jeep and Woodards will have a 2 door Rubicon. It should be a blast.
I really miss our old jeeps sometimes. Some day I will have another offroad vehicle that I can tow behind my truck. That will be great.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Gas Prices

Gas prices really suck right now. It cost me about $75.00 to fill up my truck and I have been doing this every week. A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I was going to start driving the Lexus. We have been trying (not very hard) to sell it and it has just been sitting in the garage. First thing I had to do was buy a battery, then inspect and emmisions and finally pay the taxes. This week is the first week I have been driving it. I had forgotten how smoth it drives. By the end of the week, I had 1/3 of a tank left in the Lexus and my truck is still full. I am hoping to save a couple hundred dollars a month. On days that Kim is not doing any driving, I will take the Prius. I love the car pool lane in the mornings.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Good weekend

We had a good weekend. On Saturday, I had a few things just sitting around so I thought I would sell them on We ended up making $300.00. Guess one person's junk is another person's treasure. We also had to pickup some hay for the animals and them went to Ikea to get some book shelves for the big room.

Sunday I went to Brunch with Kaylee like we do almost every Sunday. It is nice to have time each week with her. Brit and I try to do things every now and then but we dont have a set time like Kaylee and I do.

We went over to my Mom and Dads to see them before they go out of town next week.

Did you know that "Chocolate milk is great for recovery after a workout."?

Bloggity, bloggity, bloggity

Thursday, April 3, 2008


On Monday one of my clients called and said that the email sent out from this company was not being sent out. As it turns out one of the computers there had picked up a virus. We started checking the outbound network traffic and saw 35,000 spam emails being sent out in 3 minutes. Once I figured out which computer was causing the issue, I had it shutdown. That stopped the spread of more spam. Because all this spam was being sent out from our network, our email server was blacklisted. This means that any email from our server would not be allowed to be received by other email servers. After a few phone calls and some more work, I made some changes that would fix the issue.

Virus' suck! I don't understand the mentality of writing computer code that is so destructive. I guess it is a form of vandalism.

If you don't have anti-virus software on your computer, get some. You can download a product call AVG anti-virus that is free. Google it.

This is how my life is now. I have about 30 clients, some with 80 employees others with one one. I never know what I will face when I wake up in the morning and come downstairs to check my cell phone.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring. . . . . . . .